Equipment Rental Policy

IMRC Equipment Room Rental Policies: (Updated Spring semester 2018)

  • 3-Day Rental Policy: Monday-Friday equipment must be returned within 3 days / 36 hours. However, rentals taken out on Wednesday or Thursday must be returned by Friday. Rentals taken out on Friday must be returned by Monday.
  • Equipment can be dropped off and picked up at the following times during Spring semester 2019:
    • M-F 10-12 (Except Wed 10-11:30)
    • To rent IMRC equipment, users must sign up for a free IMRC account at New Accounts have a minimum start up deposit of $30. This deposit is designed to cover the cost of late equipment fees or it can be used to pay for consumables and time on our various machines / equipment in the IMRC fab labs, but is otherwise non-refundable. Additional funds can be added to accounts in increments of $20. A minimum of $20 must be in your account to access IMRC equipment rentals. All fees need to be paid to IMRC fab lab manager Sean Taylor by cash or check in IMRC room #111. FYI, there is an ATM in the lobby of the New Balance health center.
    • As a priority, all equipment is available for use for New Media & Intermedia students, as well as non-student IMRC community members . All other University students will be considered based on need and availability. Please contact us via our general contact form on our website if you have a project that you’d like us to consider.
    • All equipment rentals for commercial / paid work must pay the equipment rental fees. If it is discovered that equipment checked out for student or faculty projects is being used for commercial work, that student or faculty member risks losing access to future equipment loans / rentals. We want to support entrepreneurial use, but the equipment is primarily for student and community member use. Therefore, commercial use must be paid for.
    • For undergraduate or graduate students to gain access to the Black Magic or Canon 5D cameras and lenses, they must:
      • Take our Black Magics / Canon workshops offered weekly on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s from 12 to 2pm and pass our equipment room camera test.
      • If you already know the gear well, you are not required to take a workshop to get access to our advanced equipment test. You can take the equipment test any time that our lead equipment room tech, Arturo Camacho is on duty / available. If you pass the test, you are then free to check out the gear. If you don’t pass the test you will be asked to take the workshop and then the test again.
      • If you plan to attend a workshop, please contact our IMRC equipment room manager via the contact form to RSVP:
    • For undergraduate or graduate students to gain access to the RED camera system, they must:
      • Take our RED workshop offered each semester and pass our equipment room camera test.
    • For undergraduate or graduate students to gain access to the IMRC Drone, they must take a training workshop with Gene A. Felice II and pass our equipment room drone test.
    • Tech closet employees will erase all memory cards / drives and charge all batteries for equipment. However it is greatly appreciated when students and faculty return equipment charged and erased as it speeds up the process of getting equipment ready for the next person.
    • Every piece of equipment must have a reservation in the IMRC accounts system before it can leave the equipment room, so that we are aware of it’s location at all times. The tech closet employee will check all equipment and accessories (cards, batteries, etc.) before it leaves and before the student / faculty finalizes the return of equipment.
    • We have a two camera / two lens policy per person for our Canon 5D and Black Magic systems. You can have two of the three Black Magics at one time, but we need to keep one in the closet for other students / faculty to use. The same goes for our Canon 5D’s so that all our users have equal access when they need it. We also have a maximum limit of two lenses per camera, unless otherwise authorized for special projects.
    • All kits should be returned in it’s original condition and with everything that it left with (also marked on each kits equipment list located in it’s case.)
  • Absolutely no handing off of equipment from one person to another without checking in and checking out of the equipment closet. If a person with loaned equipment hands off equipment to another person, the original person that checked out equipment is still responsible for said equipment.

Late Equipment Policy

    • Late returns within 24 hours will result in a $10 fee for each day that it is late.
    • Late returns longer than 2 days will result in loss of access to the equipment room for 1 week. Late returns longer than 3 days will result in loss of access to the equipment room for 1 semester. Late returns longer than 4 days will result in permanent loss of access to the equipment room.
    • If you are late with equipment more than twice you will lose access to the equipment room for the rest of the semester. If equipment is late more than three times it will result in permanent loss of access to the equipment room.
  • All issues around access are to be directed to the IMRC Director (Gene A. Felice II) via our general IMRC contact form, not directed towards our tech closet employees.

Damage/Loss Policy:

If damage or loss of equipment occurs, the user is monetarily responsible for the cost of repair or replacement, to be determined by the IMRC Center director. All access to IMRC equipments and labs will be suspended indefinitely until a plan to pay for the damage or replacement is agreed upon with the IMRC director.